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Meet this month’s LoveLakeland CityMaker 👋

LoveLakeland’s CityMakers are Lakelanders who “go the extra mile for their city and their fellow person.”

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Headshot of Teresa O'Brien, the founder of Help(her).

Help(her) pairs business owners in need with locals looking to use their skills for hourly assistance with running errands, office support, organization + more.

Photo provided by LoveLakeland

Congratulations are in order for Teresa O’Brien, LoveLakeland’s recently-named March 2023 CityMaker. 🎉

Teresa is the founder of Help(her), a Lakeland-based company that provides on-demand job matching services for individuals + businesses with qualified girl bosses from across Swan City.

Know someone who goes the extra mile for LAL (and their fellow Lakelanders)? Nominate the next CityMaker.*


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