Will masks be mandatory in Lakeland?

Will masks be mandatory in Lakeland? | Photo via Pexels

To mask or not to mask? For the City of Lakeland, that is the question – and after this morning, you may have more of an answer.

Lakeland commissioners meet today at 9 a.m. to discuss whether or not to require masks + face coverings within City limits

This comes in the midst of rising numbers of COVID-19 cases in Florida and after neighboring cities like Tampa + Orlando mandated that their residents wear masks in public places/employees wear them at local businesses. Currently, in the City, wearing a mask is up to the discretion of local businesses, but it is highly encouraged that you wear a mask if you are in a space that limits your ability to social distance. 

Quoteworthy: “The growing concern expressed at our recent Re-open Lakeland Task Force meeting underscored the need to provide more enforcement capability for business owners through mask requirements while indoors. Meanwhile, positive test rates continue to climb and the healthcare system is even more alarmed.” Mayor Mutz

You can watch the meeting live on Spectrum 643, FiOS 43 + lakelandgov.net/TV

For those who wish to share their thoughts, a call-in code will be provided for audience participation at the beginning of the meeting.

We recently asked you your thoughts on mask mandates + here’s what some of you had to say

  • “They should be mandatory everywhere you go because things are not getting better and it’s for our and other people’s safety, I know now in the summer it’s really hot to wear but anything for the safety for me and my family.” @chika_caridura
  • “No to mask mandates.” Susan L.
  • “Wear a mask and be respectful of other people. Quit spreading this!” – @ jillahut
  • “No to mask mandates.” Sarah C.
  • “It’s crazy how this is even a debate. There’s a public health crisis and the best solution to help us from shutting down our economy again is still too inconvenient for most people. Wear a mask! Businesses should refuse to help anyone that isn’t cooperating.” @rcabreraortiz

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