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Just For You: The Lakeland Regional Health Physician Group

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If you’re looking for the right doctor or specialist, Lakeland Regional Health has your back with its Physician Group | Photo provided

If you’ve found yourself putting off routine health visits and screenings during the pandemic, you’re not alone. This time last year, 1 in 5 adults reported delaying care.

Getting back to staying on top of your health and looking for the right doctor or specialist? Lakeland Regional Health has been here for 100+ years and has your back with its Physician Group, a community healthcare force that continues to innovate provider care.

To help spread the word, Lakeland Regional Health’s “Just For You” campaign focuses on the idea that healthcare should be patient-focused + also address the needs of the community. Their Physician Group is here to ensure patients have access to the care they need, via:

  • 10 locations, meaning people are able to find healthcare where they live
  • 35 specialties, meaning if you need a referral, you can often stay right in the LRH network
  • 250 providers and counting, meaning they can support our growing community

Book an appointment or find the right provider, just for you.*

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