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Lakeland-inspired baby names

Whether you’re welcoming a little bundle of joy or just consider yourself a Lakelander through and through, check out these Swan City-esque baby names.


We’re inspired by Lakeland’s unique relationship with the swan.

Did you know that the study of names is onomastics? It covers all kinds of names, including given names (first names) that often have distinct origins.

This got us thinking: What are some baby names that would have distinctly Lakeland origins? Here are a few suggestions that stood out:

Miriam — The origins of Lake Miriam’s name seem to be unknown, but we love this classic baby name regardless.

Jenkins — George Jenkins headquartered his supermarket chain (Publix, you may have heard of it) in Lakeland in the 1940s.

Odette — Inspired by Tchaikovsky’s 1877 ballet “Swan Lake,” this name is perfect for a Swan City baby.

Elizabeth — In the same vein, this name pays homage to the woman who saved Lakeland’s swan population from extinction, Queen Elizabeth II.

Wright — As the largest single-site collection of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture in the world, this name just makes sense for a Lakeland baby.

It’s not too late for you to share your Lakeland-inspired baby name with us.

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