Krazy Kombucha is opening a new Lakeland brewery

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Krazy Kombucha Growler | Image via @krazykombucha

Kom·bu·cha /kämˈbo͞oCHə/ noun: a fermented beverage made by adding a live culture of yeast and bacteria to sweetened tea.

This popular probiotic tea is making its way into Swan City.

Krazy Kombucha, a Lakeland-based kombucha company, is expanding its presence with the announcement of a brand new brewery in Dixieland at 1030 S. Florida Ave.

The soon-to-be brewery is tentatively set to open in April + will include a quick-service style to start, featuring a preliminary 18 flavors on tap that range from fruity to herby. Krazy Kombucha strives to shop local when it comes to their produce and believes in organic, top quality fruits, herbs, and adaptogens. Presently, their most popular flavor is their ginger kombucha which is made with fresh ginger and apple juice. Others include mango, berry, strawberry, and their seasonal flavors on rotation.


Krazy Kombucha brewery space | Photo via @krazykombucha

Quoted:The single most beneficial aspect of kombucha is it balances the gut biome. We have good and bad bacteria in the gut and when an abundance of bad bacteria occurs, it causes an imbalance such as acid reflux, heartburn, constipation, etc. By instilling a live-probiotic into your system, your body will combat yeast and leave you with mental clarity, better moods and digestion, and energy.” Krazy Kombucha Owner Wendy Johnson

In the future, the brewery may offer:

  • Retail space
  • A sitting/lounge area
  • Potential food options down the road
  • Other delicious kombucha ideas could be on the horizon such as kombucha flights + floats.

But, for now, the spot will serve as a tap, growler-refill station, and grab-and-go hub for all things ‘buch.

Parking is still being decided, as construction continues on Florida Ave., but our current recommendation is to take advantage of street parking in the area and take a breezy walk to the new brewery. Also, stop by Good Thyme for a bite or Concord Coffee for a brew while you’re in the area.


Wendy + AJ, Krazy Kombucha | Photo via @krazykombucha

Wendy + her team at Krazy Kombucha owe their success to the community here in Lakeland. The support of Lakelanders past, present, and future are what keeps the team and this business alive. Along with a huge “thank you” to Lakeland’s kombucha crowd, Wendy found it necessary to extend her gratitude to Catapult – the place where Krazy Kombucha started and an invaluable resource to Lakeland’s small businesses.

Until the opening day, you can catch the team at Krazy Kombucha at the Lakeland Downtown Farmers Curb Market every Saturday from 8 a.m.-2 p.m.

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