Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announces schools can reopen this fall

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announces schools can reopen this fall | Photo via Pexels

Yesterday, Gov. DeSantis made an announcement that public schools in Florida, K-12, can reopen this fall at full capacity. 🍎

The governor shared this plan, which details what “full capacity” means, gives information regarding the impacts school closures can have on children, explains the safety procedures schools can take + more. Gov. DeSantis also announced that $64M will go to FL schools to close achievement gaps caused by COVID-19 related school closures

While the governor explained the plan more in-depth, he left the door open for local districts to make their own decisions on reopening schools + asked that they coordinate with local health departments and medical experts to create their own protocols for reopening schools.

Quoteworthy: “We believe those are locally driven decisions. We believe what that looks like may look different in Brevard than it does in Miami-Dade than it does in Baker County. So we want to empower not just the superintendents but all the local stakeholders to be able to craft a solution that makes the most sense for that area.” – Gov. Ron DeSantis

What do you think about schools reopening this fall, Lakeland? Polk County Public Schools (PCPS) wants to hear from teachers, parents, students, employees + the Lakeland on reopening school in the fall. The survey takes ~five minutes to complete, is anonymous, gauges comfort levels, and according to PCPS officials, will “return valuable insight that we will use as we plan for the 2020-21 school year.” 

Note: Today is the last day to take the survey. You can keep up-to-date on more announcements from Polk County Public Schools on their Facebook page.