Answered: Your memories on Elvis’ performance

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Elvis Presley performing at the Polk Theatre | Photo by the Lakeland Public Library

Yesterday marked the 63rd anniversary of when Elvis Presley performed at Polk Theatre. On Aug. 6, 1956, the performance drew in an eager crowd to hear this hunk of burnin’ love along with a few other artists.

We asked you to share the memories of your family members who remember this iconic performance. 🎙

Here’s to a moment of reminiscing:

“My grandfather was a good man and worked for the sheriff’s department back then and was picked to guard him when he came to Lakeland. He said when he met Elvis, he brought him a cup of coffee and accidentally spilled some while handing the cup to him and all Elvis said was, ‘Don’t worry about that Mr. Glass, I spill coffee all of the time.’” – @dayveej

“My grandfather, aged 18, and his 15-year-old brother were there.” – @brianonthebicycle

“I believe my Uncle Donnie was there.” – @evie_cummings

“My granny has told this story many times! She loved Elvis and seeing him at the Polk Theatre was a shining light in her life.” – @lja223

“I know a few people that went to this show!” – @jessecarlvinyl

That’s my sister on the right side of the pic, head down, curly blond...dark shirt and jeans.” – @casm1111

elvis wall

Third-floor dressing room | Photo by @thelaltoday

That night, Elvis also autographed a dressing room wall, which was later damaged by flooding. The photo above is the corner of the stall where his signature was found. It has since been removed from the wall and is now being preserved for safe-keeping.

If you have any other memories to share, leave a comment on our post. We’ll be celebrating all week long. 🤘

– LALtoday team (Jessica + Kaylee)

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