Take LALtoday’s 2023 news quiz

How well did you keep up with the Lakeland news and stories we shared this year? Test your knowledge with our 12-question quiz.

A graphic showing a photo of a boy waving at a train, a photo of a baseball field, and a photo of Publix GreenWise Market

How well do you remember the year’s news?

Photos by @mrmatthewrobertedwards, @kristinbartus, and LALtoday

With so many changes and announcements, 2023 has flown by. How well were you paying attention? Test your Lakeland knowledge with our 12-question news quiz to see if you remember what happened during each month of the year.

Here’s a sample question: In December, Lakeland Linder International Airport announced an agreement with which airline to offer passenger flights?

Easy, right? If you need help, there’s a link to the story in each question with all the information you need. Take the quiz and see how many you get right, then send this to a friend to go head-to-head.

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