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Answered: Your Lakeland life hacks

We recently took to Instagram to ask our followers their best “hacks” for life in Lakeland — here’s what they came up with.

A swan floats in Lake Morton surrounded by lilypads with the skyline of Lakeland shown behind it.

Secrets, secrets are no fun — so we wanted to share them with everyone.

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If there’s one thing we’ve learned as Lakeland locals, it’s that life here is unique from any other city. Thank goodness there’s a local daily newsletter to help you navigate it — wink, wink.

While we consider ourselves experts on all things Lakeland, we know you have lots of insights to share, too. We took to our Instagram to ask our followers what “life hacks” they had for living in Lakeland. Here’s what they had to say.

When you need something to do

Numerous readers called out Sun Kava on South Florida Avenue as a go-to, late night hangout spot for those looking to make new friends. Follower @allura.exe said, “To me, Sun Kava is a diverse family of people who are always there for me and truly care for me as a person! Definitely a place to go when you feel alone or want to chill.”

When you need to grab some grub

Lakelanders love their food, so we’re not surprised that many of the life hacks suggested had to do with where to find the best dishes in town. A few recommendations that stood out include:

“Go to Texas Cattle Company, get a table outside, overlooking the lake, and order an appetizer and a Texas Hurricane. Then, take a stroll to Revival for happy hour and order a delicious Cosmopolitan. Next, walk over to Nineteen Sixty-one and order a charcuterie board and a red sangria. You will get a great gastro-tour on a budget!” — @brumbeler

“Subs ‘n Such and get the Dean’s Special. You’ll be full for three days.” — @graingertainment

“Get coffee from Andrew’s Coffee before going to Walmart or the Merchants Walk strip mall. The back exit of Andrew’s easily leads to both of the parking lots.” — @thefaewayrealm

When you want to cut your commute

As Lakeland continues to grow, we’re always seeking inventive ways to get around town that don’t add extra minutes in the car.

User @polkway863 dropped a great life hack for avoiding some of Swan City’s busiest roads: “Take Harden/Sikes Boulevard to Kathleen Road, or Bartow Road to Lakeland Hills Boulevard when going from the south to north sides of town instead of taking South Florida Avenue to US 98 North.”

Have a life hack you want to share? Join the conversation on Instagram, or drop your suggestion.

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