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How Catapult helped kickstart entrepreneurial creativity throughout 2021

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Coworking spaces allow for creativity and ideas to flow between like-minded entrepreneurs.

Photo by Catapult

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When creating your own business, the hardest step can be simply starting. With the help of coworking spaces like Catapult, finding your entrepreneurial spirit in 2022 is easier than ever. As a nonprofit whose sole purpose is to increase the amount of successful startups in Lakeland, they have your back for your next big idea.

Here’s how seven local companies tapped into that entrepreneurial spirit + celebrated some startup milestones in 2021 with the help of Catapult. 💡

Krazy Kombucha

Wendy Johnson made big moves in the kombucha world with the opening of her first brewery in April of 2021. Congrats, Wendy.

krazy-kombucha-lakeland-fl.jpeg (1)

Krazy Kombucha | Photo via @catapultlkld

Photo via @catapultlkld

Caring Cradle

With the help of a grant, Wendy Kowalski was able to continue perfecting her invention and provide a caring cradle to Lakeland Regional Health.

Hook Security

Hook Security started in Greenville, SC and has expanded to Lakeland to help change company culture on cyber security and train employees to be aware and prepared against cyber risks.


22Zero partnered with Gier Productions to create a poignant documentary to relay what first responders experienced at Ground Zero during 9/11.

Honeycomb Bread Bakers

Honeycomb Bread Bakers officially opened its newest storefront.


This Latina-owned test kitchen was on the rise last year, bringing new experiences to Lakeland’s taste buds.

catapult-commercial-kitchen.jpeg (1)

A fully stocked commercial kitchen is the perfect place to grow your food-based start-up | Photo by Catapult

Voyager Industries

This drone-based business is soaring to the top by providing new solutions in the energy, agriculture, and infrastructure industries.

Is it your big idea’s turn? Catapult’s resources can help launch your dreams into reality and make 2022 the year your business thrives.*

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