#ComingSoon: Lakeland’s first cycling facility, CYCLEdelic

Photo of the CYCLEdelic building

CYCLEdelic at 3505 Cleveland Heights Blvd. | Photo via CYCLEdelic

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Ready to get your cycle on? The first indoor, cycling-specific facility is coming to Lakeland this summer. The biz, CYCLEdelic is owned by Mary Marcia Brown, a Lakeland local, and is situated at 3505 Cleveland Heights Blvd., neighboring the southside of the Cleveland Heights Golf Course.

Here’s what Mary has to say about her accomplishment:

“I’ve been teaching indoor cycling for more than a dozen years. But I got the idea about bringing an indoor cycling concourse to Lakeland when I was taking cycling classes all over Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina while working to set the Guinness World Record for Most Static Cycling Classes Attended in One Year” — that’s 585 classes, in case you were wondering.

IMG_0774 2

Owner Mary Marcia Brown | Photo via CYCLEdelic

The facility is slated to open sometime this June and will include:

  • 6 on-site instructors ready to encourage and train guests
  • Classes operating 7-days a week to fit any schedule
  • 30 bikes on the property to ensure class availability
  • A 1,500-sqft facility ready to pump out the best work-out jams
  • A variety of classes for the most and least experienced cyclists
  • A deli at the facility for smoothies

Riders can “book their trip” online, with day visits starting at $10. They’re also offering a CYCLEDeli Smoothie Card which allows regular visitors the chance to pre-order 10 smoothies to have after their rides. How cool is that?

To stay up to date on CYCLEdelic’s status, be sure to give them a follow on Facebook + Instagram or pop by their information tent set up every Saturday this May.


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