How to do good in your neighborhood

Did you know that our city has around 100 vibrant and diverse neighborhoods? Try these ways to do some good in your ‘hood.

Exterior of a historic home in the Lake Morton neighborhood with green trim, landscaping, and purple and pink flowers lining the yard.

Lakelanders know there’s no place like home.

Photo by @raelinmonet

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When you live somewhere like Lakeland, it’s always a “beautiful day in the neighborhood.” Our city has ~100 vibrant and diverse communities, from Camphor Heights to Gladys Leggett to Lake Miriam. Here’s how to do some good in the neighborhood you call home.

Know your neighborhood

First, check your address to see which neighborhood you live in if you’re not sure. You can see the boundaries of each one on this map. (Note: Not all homes fall within the bounds of a neighborhood, including those outside of city limits.)

A color-coded map showing boundaries of official neighborhoods within the city limits of Lakeland, FL

Check the map to see if your neighborhood association is active (orange), inactive (blue), or reorganizing (green).

Map via the City of Lakeland

Get involved with your neighborhood association

Over 30 communities in Lakeland have neighborhood associations — groups that work to organize residents, advocate for their communities, and plan activities. Select your neighborhood to see your association’s leadership and meeting schedules.

The Neighborhood Association Coalition (NAC) works to connect all of these groups with each other and with the City. It currently has four subcommittees that members can join: Communications, Community Gardens, Little Free Libraries, and LIFT Lakeland.

Don’t see an association listed for your neighborhood? Take it as an opportunity to start your own. The NAC offers tips for organizing your association and hosting meetings.

Look out for your neighborhood

There are many other ways that you can give back in the place where you live. Consider joining a Neighborhood Watch program, organizing a cleanup, or adopting a road near your home. Keep an eye out for volunteer opportunities happening in your neighborhood, too.