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Prepping for college: Lakeland Christian School style

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Lakeland Christian School students are given “wisdom prep” as well as college prep to prepare them for what lies ahead | Photo provided

It’s that time of year again. As we move into spring and the end of the school year gets closer, seniors are deciding on colleges and juniors are starting to think about applications or what they want to do after graduation. If you’re a parent, you might be wondering how your child is being prepared for these next steps.

Here’s how it works at Lakeland Christian School: On top of academic preparations, LCS offers a “wisdom prep” initiative to equip students with a foundation of biblical wisdom and self-discipline to lead them on in the next life stages. With programs such as their annual two-day senior seminar on life on campus and beyond, daily bible classes for K4-12th graders, and even a relationship education team, students are taught how to navigate life with a strong pathway.

In the last four years, here’s what their college enrollment looked like, by the numbers:

  • 111 graduating students enrolled in Florida state universities
  • 18% enrolled in Christian colleges
  • 27% enrolled in colleges in the Lakeland area

By preparing students for academics as well as life outside the classroom, LCS strives to prepare students for wherever life may take them.*

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