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From scratch: How this Lakelander turned her baking dreams into reality

Get to know Meghin Magliano, a Lakeland entrepreneur who got her start at Catapult.

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To try Meghin’s goods, order online (and pick up at Catapult) or follow her on Instagram to see where she’ll pop up next.

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Lemon blueberry cupcakes. S’mores cookies. Peanut butter cheesecake brownies. While those sound uh-mazing on their own, there’s an intriguing twist: every item is infused with craft beer.

Meet Meghin Magliano. She is the founder of Baking Brewer, a pop-up bakery that really raises the bar.

Her business concept

It’s one thing to master the craft of baking — and another to infuse craft into every bite (literally). After working at a bar, Meghin decided to combine her love of craft beer with her creative baking instincts. The result: a sweet-and-savory beer lover’s paradise.

How she got there

Meghin decided to join Catapult to use its Kitchen Incubator and connect with other industry entrepreneurs. Catapult helped her launch her business, not only giving her the tools she needed, but allowing her to be featured at their Spring Pop-Up Series.

What’s next

With a hopping pop-up business, Meghin now aims to open a brick-and-motor.

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