Bonnet Springs Park’s grand opening attractions

With the long-awaited park’s grand opening just around the corner, we’re looking at a few of the things we’re most excited about.

A woman on a butterfly bike

Take flight on one of Bike Zoo’s rideable creatures.

Photo by @jollstagram72

The grand opening of Bonnet Springs Park is just around the corner — and if you’re looking for another reason to swing by, how does a ride on one of these larger-than-life rideable creatures sound?

Celebrate Lakeland’s long-awaited park with a ride on one of Bike Zoo’s creations, like these giant butterflies (we also heard there might be an owl, but hoo knows?). 🦉

Whether you’re excited for the Crenshaw Canopy Walk, Blanton Family Lagoon, or another attraction, make sure you don’t miss Bonnet Springs Park’s grand opening on Oct. 22-23, which will feature:

  • 50+ local vendors
  • 5,500 food samples
  • 14 food trucks
  • 12 bands
  • 8 art installations
  • A firework show
  • and more

We’ll see you there, Lakeland. 🌳