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7 life-changing benefits of bariatric surgery

See why bariatric surgery is about more than weight loss.

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The AdventHealth bariatric care team can guide you through a health plan that best fits your lifestyle.

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Think bariatric surgery is only about weight loss? While weight loss is indeed an outcome of bariatric surgery, there are a host of health benefits that can significantly impact daily activities and long-term health goals.

If you’re considering the procedure, here are seven benefits of bariatric surgery that can improve your overall health (and even change your life):

  1. Positive hormonal changes that promote lasting weight loss
  2. Improved blood sugar levels that diminishes diabetes
  3. Better cardiovascular health and improved cholesterol
  4. More physical energy
  5. Reduced risk of obesity-related health conditions
  6. Enhanced mental well-being and self-esteem
  7. Better quality of life

The experts at AdventHealth know diet and exercise alone often aren’t enough to accomplish these health goals — that’s why the bariatric team goes beyond what’s on your plate and formulates a plan to guide you through a whole body + mind transformation journey.

Ready to start a new chapter? See more on the benefits of bariatric surgery and speak to an AdventHealth bariatric specialist.*

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