Things to be thankful for in Lakeland, FL

Happy Thanksgiving, LAL | Photo via 6AM City

Happy Thanksgiving, LAL. 🦃

Today, we’re taking some time to reflect on all of the things we have to be thankful for. You, our readers, are at the top of our list. We’re grateful for the chance to wake up every day + talk about this wonderful city with you.

Last week, we asked what about our city you’re thankful for this year. To celebrate Turkey Day, we wanted to share some of your answers.

“I am thankful for creative minds that continually provide new ideas on how to make Lakeland a better place to live. I am thankful for compassionate hearts that eagerly help others in need across this city every day. I often witness the fruit of their generosity. I am thankful for Keystone Challenge which meticulously connects affordable housing with capable buyers by providing education and guidance making homeownership possible.” – Lakeland Mayor Bill Mutz

“Being a part of the greatest college in the world!!” – @fsc.mocs_memes

“I am grateful for growing up in Lakeland and now having a second home there so I can visit often. Love the downtown area: Swan Brewing, Scout & Tag/Rafa Natural, Lake Hollingsworth and the Saturday morning market.” @thisgaljulie

“We would be thankful to be in some Florida weather! Although we are lucky so far but can y’all still get in the ocean water? We need to live vicariously. Please say you swim in the ocean all year? xo – Your landlocked sister pub” @noogatoday 

“Thankful I live in the USA! A lot of people don’t realize what a blessing it is to live in the States. As an immigrant from Honduras, all I can say is thank you God, and my parents for bringing me here. Even in a year of pain, I was able to grow as a person and find my purpose. Living here brings endless opportunities even when the world is falling apart!” – @fran_martinez90

“Thankful for our new beautiful home (thanks to low-interest rates), the opportunity to spend more quality time with my children at home doing e-learning, keeping my family healthy/safe during this whole pandemic, and all the fun camping adventures we’ve been able to enjoy instead of being locked up.” – @glampingwithblueagave

“This year has had many blessings for myself and my church! This is the year that I partnered with my church to launch Revive Academy Lakeland. We were able to start a private school in the midst of this 2020 chaos and it has been thriving! We have made new connections, been able to help students of all abilities, earned grants for starting a garden from the Farm Bureau, host an amazing Veteran’s Day Program to honor all Veterans, and go on amazing field trips that have given my students wonderful experiences. Through it all, we have remained happy and healthy! It has been a great year to start something new!” – Reader Julie W. 

“That the election is over” – Reader Kim B.

“I was very thankful when Hot Hedz on Orleans street reopened. I sure need some hair work and they made me feel very safe to get it done!!” – Reader Jane W.

“Really thankful for the Parks and Recreation Department and the way they create and maintain the many parks around the area. Watching families using the Lake Parker playground brings a smile to my face” – Reader Carol B. 

“I am so very thankful and grateful for the produce market that goes on in downtown Lakeland every Saturday morning! Everything is so fresh and fabulous!!” – Reader A. Trombley.

“Lakeland neighbors have been a wonderful blessing this year! Our cul-de-sac was so tired of quarantining by March that we started a Friday night outdoor socially-distanced social. Quarantine has come and gone, but our Friday nights are still going strong!” – Reader Meredith P.

“We were able to show our Gold Star families from Lkld and around the state that despite Covid-19, we are here for them at the 11th Annual Warrior Walk held last month on the 24th. The Oct. weather was perfect for walking Lake Hollingsworth and the USNSCC and our Lkld HS JROTC showed up and showed out. LPD’s Robin T. Took some awesome pics of the event. Super proud to show our Swan city GS families that we will always remember!”  – Reader Jessica R.

“Hillcrest!” – Reader Cora L.

“The beautiful Circle B Bar Nature Preserve” – Reader Jesse B. 

Thank you for starting your day with us + Happy Thanksgiving. 🦃

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