10 ways to romance Lakeland this Valentine’s Day

10 ways to romance Lakeland this Valentine’s Day | Photo via Catapult Lakeland

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Dear Lakeland, 

“Roses are red, violets are blue. Our love for you could rival the vibrance of that Lake Mirror hue.”

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You’re Hollingsworth the wait, Lakeland | GIF via

Let’s be real –– our poetry skills are not exactly on par with the likes of Keats or Byron, but, that hasn’t stopped Cupid from hitting us with a Terrace Hotel-sized arrow. This year, we opted out of the flowers-and-chocolate-route and instead, put together a list of 10 ways you can romance our favorite city this Valentine’s Day. 💝 

  • Brush up on your Swan City history | Our beaut’ is a feisty 136-years-old this year and from banana-scented theatres to the real Cinderella man, she has seen quite a lot in her lifetime.
  • Dine at one of the classics | Buttery garlic knots, homemade sweet tea, a hot fish sandwichneed we go on? Show our classic nosh spots some extra love by eating local.
  • Celebrate the bizarre | Name another city that: has trees that smelled better than Chanel No. 5. Or, one where MC Hammer shot a KFC commercial Downtown. Lakeland is a little quirky, but nevertheless, we love it all the same.
  • Shop local | Lakeland is full of unique small businesses that are worth celebrating. New ones are opening all the time – helping boost not only our vibes but our economy. So, boost them back with some patronage.
  • Take a mural tour | Support our little art mecca by scoping out some of the most gram-worthy murals around. Bonus points if you tag the artists in your posts.
  • Feed our city’s feathered children | Omit the loaf (no one wants your crusty bread), and take advantage of the feeders around Lake Morton to share some grub with Lakeland’s iconic royal avians.
  • Be cool for school | Touting several nearby colleges, go back to school + take that interesting class you never got to take in your accounting course load –– like Ceramics: Wheel Throwing or Scuba Diving 101.
  • Map it: Northside to the Southside | If you hopped in the car right now and drove across town, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll see a development or two that wasn’t there last year. Our Swan City is growing on every corner – from new office space to Bonnet Springs Park, see how many “new” places you can spot.
  • Bring your biz to the 863 | Lakeland was ranked no. 5 on The 15 Best Cities to Start a Home-Based Business list. People are still birthing out their dream biz, despite a pandemic. And Lakeland – a booming/zooming cityremains a metropolis for entrepreneurs. What’s stopping you?
  • Enjoy Lake Crago | Whether it’s visiting the dog park, taking an exercise class, or just getting some fresh air, it’s safe to say we could all use some Vitamin D this V-Day. Be sure to pack your sunscreen.

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