Top 13 rankings for Lakeland, FL

Check out how Lakeland is nationally ranked in 13 categories.

A wall height mural reading "Greetings from Lakeland" over a blue bridge.

Greetings from Lakeland

Photo via LALtoday Team

It’s no secret that we think Lakeland is the place to be. From its modern food scene to its breath-taking sunsets by the lake, the city’s beauty continues to capture the hearts of Lakelanders who call it home. Not only does it continue to thrive in economic and developmental growth, but it’s booming with innovative businesses and cultivates a strong sense of community.

See for yourself what folks like US News and Business Insider are saying. We’ve put together a list of some of the latest rankings our Swan City has received nationally in merit.

#1 in Top Cities to Buy a Home (as rated by Business Insider)

#2 in Fastest-Growing Places (as rated by US News)

#2 in Top Metro Highest in Migration (as rated by CoreLogic, Inc.)

#4 Best Places to Start a Home-Based Business (as rated by Just Business)

#5 in Safest Places to Live (as rated by US News)

#7 in Best City for Black Professionals in the U.S. (as rated by Apartment List)

#12 in Best Places to Retire (as rated by US News)

#17 in Top 25 Fastest Growing Metro Areas Percentage Population Growth (measured from 2019-2022 by Site Selection Group)

#22 in Fastest Growing Metro Areas Population Increase (measured from 2019-2022 by Site Selection Group)

#29 in Hottest Housing Market in the US (according to

#48 in Top Boomtowns in America (according to SmartAsset)

#113 in Best Places to Live in Florida (as rated by US News)

Best Place to Start a Business (as rated by

As Lakeland continues to raise eyebrows, this city full of historic charm and modern advancements is quite the promising plane field for newcomers from all over the world. Because after all, once you’ve fallen in love with the people and the mom-and-pop corners, you’ll find the LAL is truly a place to grow roots.