The importance of volunteering & how to find volunteer opportunities in Lakeland

Volunteering is always a good idea. If you’re still in the job-hunting phase, it is a great way to explore different career paths you might enjoy. Think you want to be an event planner, but don’t have enough experience? Try volunteering for a local non-profit’s golf tournament or fundraiser. You may decide you really just enjoy planning parties for your friends – not coordinating big functions. On the other hand, you may become even more passionate about the industry, find mentors, or even learn about job openings. Any chance to volunteer in the field you’re interested in, jump on it!

In addition to gaining experience, volunteering is a great way to network. Whether it’s reading to children at Parker Street Ministries in Downtown Lakeland or joining the board of the Imperial Symphony Orchestra, volunteering is a great way to be active in the community and connect with other professionals.

Want to volunteer in Lakeland? Check out the United Way of Central Florida, Lakeland Regional Medical Center, the SPCA of Florida, VISTE, Parker Street Ministries, or the Junior League of Greater Lakeland. Our city is full of non-profit organizations of all sizes with all types of missions, so the possibilities are endless!

The United Way of Central Florida is a great place to begin if you’re not quite sure where you’d like to volunteer but are just looking to get involved in the community. The United Way has many partner agencies in the county and focuses on education, income + health.

Other sites that can help match volunteers with organizations: Volunteer Match and Noble Hour.

Picture from Left Over Thrift Shop.