How to get your dream wedding cake from Publix + 8 must-see designs

2 cakes decorated like a tuxedo and wedding dress
A wedding isn’t complete without a cake | Photo via Publix

For better or for worse” brings a whole new meaning to wedding planning thanks to the ongoing pandemic, making many couples rethink how they want to get married. From mini-monies to intimate backyard ceremonies, the type of wedding might have changed, but the details like the dress, flowers + cake still matter

Despite changes to other aspects of a wedding, about 83% of couples still plan on having some type of cake-cutting ceremony. Keeping with tradition? Here’s how you can get a custom yet affordable wedding cake from Publix. 

With a four-week notice, Publix can make you the customized wedding cake of your dreams (and some even call it “the ultimate Southern wedding cake”). 

Choosing the right flavor

Across the industry, the most popular wedding cake flavor is vanilla, followed by chocolate and red velvet. Set up a tasting and sample different flavor combinations before placing an order. From the traditional vanilla and chocolate to the unexpected (who says confetti cake is just for birthdays), here’s a breakdown of Publix’s flavor options

A personal touch

During a consultation, Publix’s talented decorators will help you and your partner choose flavors, colors, decorations + style to bring your vision to life. Decorators are happy to help you coordinate your cake to match perfectly with the rest of your wedding. 

ProTip: Bring fabric swatches so they can help you select ribbons, flowers, ornaments, and toppers for your cake. Bonus: They can even match the icing to your wedding colors — perfectly matching bridesmaids’ dresses.

An affordable option

The average cost of a wedding cake is ~$500. At Publix, a three-tiered cake (which feeds 75-100 guests) starts at $300 — which means more of your budget can go towards a honeymoon. Not sure how much cake you’ll need? This serving chart can help you with that.  

Fun facts

  • Most popular frosting: Buttercream
  • Most popular filling: Strawberry   

Not only can the Publix Bakery create the ultimate centerpiece wedding cake, but they can also provide other wedding sweets and treats like groom’s cakes, bridal shower cakes + desserts for the rehearsal dinner. Bonus: Publix also offers other wedding-related services such as catering + floral options.

8 must-see wedding cake designs

Bohemian Beauty

Bohemian Beauty cake
Photo via Publix

This cake brings a little bohemian chic to a wedding with vibrant colors and textured tiers. This cake (excluding the top tier) serves 40–50 guests.

Champagne Toast

Champagne Toast Cake
Photo via Publix

Raise a toast to the happy couple and the star of the ceremony: this cake. Tasteful accents — a ribbon, a touch of piping, and a lovely white bloom — heighten the beauty of the design. This cake (excluding the top tier) serves 50–65 guests.

Triple Berry Cupcake Tower

Triple Berry Cupcake Tower
Photo via Publix

This triple-berry “naked” cake and cupcake combo showcases delicious berries to create a stunning masterpiece at a wedding. This cake (excluding the top tier) serves 15–20 guests with 42 cupcakes. 

Ombré Encore

Ombré Encore cake
Photo via Publix

This customizable ombré cake is a work of art. Choose whatever color you like, and your Publix decorator can bring it to life. This cake (excluding the top tier) serves 50–75 guests.

Our First Dance

Our First Dance cake
Photo via Publix

With classic roses and subtly patterned buttercream icing, this cake will capture the romance of a wedding. This cake (excluding the top tier) serves 65–70 guests.

Sweetheart Sensation

Sweetheart Sensation cake
Photo via Publix

Accented by small hearts, this cake is a sweet reminder that two hearts have become one. This cake (excluding the top tier) serves 75–100 guests.

Chocolate Country Romance

Chocolate Country Romance cake
Photo via Publix

Going for a rustic feel for your big day? Publix can even carve your initials in this tree bark-themed cake. This cake (excluding the top tier) serves 65–70 guests. 

Bienvenidos a La Fiesta

Bienvenidos a La Fiesta cake
Photo via Publix

This cake is just the ticket if you’re looking to go bold and vibrant on your big day. This cake (excluding the top tier) serves 75–100 guests.