A sneak peek of The Rec Room in Lakeland

The Rec Room | Image via @thelaltoday

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🚨 PSA: The Rec Room – a new 4,000 sq. ft. retro-esque arcade-bar located on the corner of Munn Park in Downtown Lakeland at 202 N. Massachusetts Ave. (in the building that used to house Firestone + LkldTV.)is planning to open its doors by the end of the month.

To celebrate, Wii stopped by for a sneak peek, had a mini-game-a-thon + rounded up everything you need-to-know about Downtown Lakeland’s newest hang.

Here’s what you can expect. ⬇️

  • A mix of activity games like skee-ball + basketball hoops, classics like The Simpsons, Mortal Kombat +, Mrs. Pac-man, newer games such as Big Buck Hunter + Guitar Hero, and a mix of the console games, like Nintendo Switch and Playstations. 

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Katelyn, killing it on TMNT. | Image via @thelaltoday

  • A 49 ft. bar – which is the length of about 5 skee-ball machines, 60 Nintendo 64s, or 147 PS4 controllers. The bar will have a house cocktail list, house drinks, and higher-end drinks, along with non-alcoholic bevies. Some of the kitschier drinks include a bourbon-based play on iced coffee called “Coffee & Donuts” + a creamier “Strawberry Mojito,” that substitutes soda water with cream soda.

49 ft. bar area | Image via @thelaltoday

  • An outdoor patio with shuffleboard, ring toss + other patio games.
  • A retro-modern hybrid ambiance, with a dimmed color scheme to balance the light that games emit, and plenty of open space for people to wander.  

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Kaylee, needing to improve her skee-ball skills. | Image via @thelaltoday

  • 15 televisions, with the biggest one being around 88 inches

Games | Image via @thelaltoday

  • No cover charge. A selection of games will always be free to play, while other games will be about a quarter, and the newer ones (such as the consoles) may be more expensive + tab-related.
Hoops | Image via @thelaltoday
  • COVID-19 measures will be in place, such as sanitizer stations along the wall, capacity limits, distanced games + more.

Katelyn, killin’ it at air hockey | Image via @thelaltoday

  • 7-days-a-week of gameplay. The Rec Room is planning to open every day of the week, from 12 p.m., until 2 a.m. The space will be kid-friendly (with parents and guardians) until 9 p.m., and then it will be just for the 21+ crowd. 
  • A potential plan for a future shipping container, located out front on the patio, offering different food options

Console room, with guitar-inspired table | Image via @thelaltoday

  • Great walkability + access to the rest of downtown Lakeland. 
  • Theme nights, rental options for corporate or office parties, plus a small room in the back for private parties and options to rent the whole Rec Room or just the patio. 

Golf-simulator | Image via @thelaltoday

  • Potential tournaments – such as Smash Brothers tournaments – may come into future play.
  • Token-based payments, with a token machine on the wall, and the capability to exchange for tokens at the bar.  

What we can’t stop talking about: The custom-made furniture from local business Plastow’s Custom Creationslike a guitar-inspired table – and the fact that the games have cup holders.