The 26 questions that lead Lakeland to love

Date idea: A picnic in Lakeland. | Photo via @kimberlylynno

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‘Tis the season for spring flings and summer love. So before you schedule that brunch, coffee meetup, casual beer, or Saturday adventure with the person you met on Bumble or Hinge, make sure you ask these 26 Lakeland-based questions to confirm that he/she/they are worthy of a rose. 🌹

1. What outdoor activities do you enjoy?

2. Do you live on the northside or the southside? 

4. Favorite food truck in Lakeland? 

5. Do you have a favorite local mural?

6. Thrift/local shops or name brand?

7. How do you feel about swans?

8. If you don’t live alone, how many roommates do you have?

9. What is your favorite brewery?

10. Are you vegan?

11. Have you been to Universal Studios? 

12. Like fitness? Which studio/gym do you go to?

13. Do you have a dog?

14. Do you have a cat?

15. Which is your favorite beach?

16. Ever been to the Strawberry Festival?

17. Do you travel out to Tampa for Gasparilla?

18. What’s your favorite place to catch a show? Who’s your favorite local band?


20. What is the last movie you saw at the Polk Theatre? 

21. Black & Brew or Concord for coffee?

22. How many lakes are too many lakes?

23. Favorite area festival?

24. Last book you purchased from Book Bazaar? 

25. What’s your go-to flavor of ice cream from Mayday? 

26. Hole-in-one or Charlie’s minis for donuts?