Polk County Public Schools’ $202,300,000 budget

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The Sunshine State is one of the final states to receive COVID-19 relief funding, and Polk County Public Schools has budgeted $202.3 million, based on the funding.

Presently, the funding is planned for the current school year from the Elementary and Secondary School Relief Emergency Relief Fund — allotted from the American Rescue Plan’s $1.9 trillion package. Here’s a breakdown of how PCPS plans to allocate the budget for the remainder of the school year:

  • $65.2 million — sanitation efforts including cleaning, ventilation, and air quality
  • $33 million — digital resources such as software, books, and digital curriculums
  • $32.8 million — technology for students and staff like updated computers
  • $31.2 million — funding for Polk County’s charter schools
  • $16.5 million — additional education such as summer school, tutoring, etc.
  • $14.4 million — administrative expenses
  • $5.4 million — staff advancements like stipends, professional development, and hiring
  • $3.8 million — wellness enrichment such as physical +  mental health, plus any other medical support needed