Digs Digest: pads with patios

3000 Sanctuary Cir. | Photo via Coldwell Banker Realty

Hey, Lakeland, Katelyn here + back for another conversation about real estate. This time: houses with unbeatable porches and patios.

We’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite listings currently on the market with outdoor living space that we can’t get enough of. Whether you call it a patio or a porch or have a different meaning for both, there’s sure to be something on this list to fit every preference and budget.

2050 W Lake Hamilton Dr.

2050 W Lake Hamilton Dr. | Photo Courtesy of Coldwell Banker Realty

4 Beds/4.5 Baths | $1,675,000 | Picture yourself cannon-balling here – who can beat poolside + waterfront views? Not me.

204 S Lake Florence Dr.

204 S Lake Florence Dr. | Photo Courtesy of Century 21

3 Bed/3.5 Bathrooms | $525,000 | Imagine: sipping a cup of joe on the back deck, only to cool off with a dip in the pool followed by a walk down the dock. Sign me up.

3881 Serenade Ln.

3881 Serenade Ln. | Photo Courtesy of  Coldwell Banker Realty

2 Bed/2 Bathrooms | $220,000 | What’s a patio without a view? And, not to mention, all of that lush, wide-open space past the screen… paradise.

1918 Heritage Lakes Blvd.

1918 Heritage Lakes Blvd. | Photo Courtesy of  Avery Properties Inc.

4 Bed/3 Bathrooms | $995,000 | Talk about a one-stop-shop. This patio has it all – a fireplace, mounted television, pool, and plenty of greenery out back. 

2250 Geneva Dr.

2250 Geneva Dr. | Photo Courtesy of Coldwell Banker Realty

3 Bed/2.5 Bathrooms | $289,900 | Waterfront never looked sweeter. P.S. not pictured is a fire pit – perfect for those Florida “winters”.

933 Country Lake Cir.

933 Country Lake Cir. | Photo Courtesy of The Stones Real Estate Firm

3 Bed/2.5 Bathrooms | $284,900 | You know what they say about “location, location, location” – those views never get old.

3000 Sanctuary Cir.

3000 Sanctuary Cir. | Photo Courtesy of Coldwell Banker Realty

3 Bed/3 Bathrooms | $855,000 | Imagine all of the memories you could make on a porch like this. Not to mention all of the grill-outs, change of seasons, and easy Sunday mornings.

516 E Beacon Rd.

516 E Beacon Rd. | Photo Courtesy of S&D Real Estate

5 Bed/3.5 Bathrooms | $469,000 | This porch has all of the vibes one could want with plenty of room for all of your loved ones with lights adorning the pergola.

4488 Homewood Ln.

4488 Homewood Ln. | Photo Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Fine Living

6 Bed/5 Bathrooms | $1,500,000 | This retreat will have you both front porch sittin’ and back porch sittin’. Talk about versatility.

2010 Altavista Cir.

2010 Altavista Cir. | Photo Courtesy of Coldwell Banker Realty

5 Bed/3 Bathrooms | $365,000 | You have to go click through this pad’s porch photos – there’s so much to see and so much patio inspiration here, you’ll be heading to Lowe’s in no time.