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Good morning Lakeland, Katelyn here. 👋 Nice to meet you. I’m the most recent newbie to LALtoday so Kaylee + I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to introduce myself to all of you and for Kaylee to reintroduce herself to any fellow newsletter newbies.

If you didn’t already know, Kaylee + I are Co-Editors – which means we create the newsletter and interact with all of you on our social channels on an alternating schedule. Everything else is operated by the rest of our team over at 6AM City.

Meet KatelynI’m originally from Richmond, VA, but moved to the area way back in ‘07. I ended up falling in love with the campus over at the University of Tampa where I studied English. From there I did a bit of freelance work + marketing until I found my way to the LAL and the rest is history. I’m celebrating my third full week + time is flying. 🤯

What I love about Lakeland:
Something that I’ve noticed about Lakeland from the time I first visited to now is how much it’s grown into a place full of delicious food/drink options. If you can’t tell, I love finding awesome places to enjoy a great meal or drink such as Black and Brew, Revival, and Palace Pizza. They really get me excited. 😋

Favorite place to grab a bite:
It’s nearly impossible for me to choose just one spot, but if I had to narrow it down, I would say Mojo Federal. I could eat the Burnt Ends app for days on end and never get sick of it.

Go-to weekend plans:
On a regular occasion, when we aren’t mid-pandemic, you can find me at Disney World, for sure. I’m a passholder and a full-blooded Disney kid and I could go every single day. 📸

Meet Kaylee
What’s up, Lakeland? For the past two years, it’s been a privilege chatting with you each day about our cool little city. I’m a #FloridaGirl through and through + have lived all over the state – from down in Naples to Leesburg to St. Pete. After I graduated from SEU (go fire 🔥), I spent some time deep in the mountains of VA. I moved back to Lakeland shortly after, met my fiance + haven’t looked back since. 

What I love about Lakeland:
The community. In times like these, I hold tightly to the sweet stories of Lakelanders – like yourselves – stepping up to the plate to help each other

Favorite place to grab a bite:
I can only pick one? Dang. Uh…is it too cheesy if I pick Palace Pizza? Because garlic knots for life

Go-to weekend plans:
Finding a new trail to trek (or just any kitschy new hang), a drink from a local coffee shop + a trip to The Raven Faerie.