Meet the 2 gurus behind LALtoday

Rilee and Katelyn at Good Thyme Lakeland.
Photo of Rilee (left) + Katelyn (right) at @Goodthymelkld | Photo via @LALtoday

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Hey LAL, Katelyn + Rilee here. Between the two of us, we get the privilege of sharing the news with 32,800 readers in LAL, daily — both through our newsletter + social feeds. 

We’ve got some new faces at LALtoday, so you can consider this our official meet-cute (no cinematic, albeit awkward, coffee spill bump-ins required). 😘

Meet Katelyn 👋 

Q: Hit us with your favorite piece of local trivia.
A: DYK that before Lakeland was “Lakeland” it shared its town border with the now-extinct town of “Acton”? The town was later absorbed by the City of Lakeland between Lake Parker and Lake Bonny + was referred to as Lakeland’s nemesis in the 19th century. Read more about Acton here

Q: If you could only write about one Lakeland-specific topic for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
A: The foodie scene. Hands down. Lakeland has elevated the restaurant market over the years with well-known local staples to mom and pop shopsIt’s a never-ending conveyer belt of deliciousness. 

Q: If you wrote a book about Lakeland, what would you label it? 
A: How the Queen’s generosity sparked a small town’s love for giant avians”

Meet Rilee 👋

Q: If you could only write about one LAL-specific topic for the rest of your life, what would it be?
A: Our beautiful homes. Have you ever taken a drive down Beacon Hill or Camphor Drive? Lakeland is home to some of the most beautiful historic houses + buildings. I recommend the Paige Wagner Historic Home Tour, which features some of Lakeland’s best historic home flips along with local vendors.

Q: Describe LAL’s personality in three words. 
A: I love Lakeland’s charm + character. Lakeland is a creative launching pad + very supportiveI always say, Lakeland loves Lakeland. If you have a new business idea, no one will rally behind you the way LAL will. Finally, Lakeland is quirky. You probably know about our royal swans, but did you know Lakeland was almost named Rome City

Q: Describe your perfect day in MKT in the length of a Tweet (240 characters).
A: Every good day starts with a good coffee. My perfect day starts with a Hillcrest Coffee (119 Hillcrest St.) cold brew + a walk around Lake Hollingsworth and ends with empanadas + filet mignon at Nineteen61 (215 E. Main St.).