Love stories in Lakeland, FL

Did you find love in Lakeland? | Photo via Pexels

Today we’re talking love stories, Lakeland love stories that is. Y’all were kind enough to share your first date stories, engagement tales, and other scenes that could’ve been plucked straight out of a Lakeland movie with us, and we’d like to share them with you while love is still in the air.

Without further ado, here are 5 times that cupid visited Swan City.

Long-time lovers:

  • Met in high school. ❤️ KHS 30 years ago. We went on dates to Wally’s and AMC movies. Married at First United Methodist Church on Lake Morton. Both kids [were] born in Lakeland! Hubby has worked for Publix for over twenty years. We’re Lakeland lifers! –– @cindydpugh
  • My parents met while working at PJs restaurant on S. Florida Ave., and got engaged at @silver_moon_drive_in back in 1971! My husband and I met as freshmen at Santa Fe Catholic High school in 1987. #LoveLkldLove. ––@mamapuma23

From students to soulmates:

  • …Met at SEU library. I told him to quiet down, it was love at first sight. I broke his heart after our first date at Crystal Lake Bridge over Wendy’s frosty’s. We found our way back to each other, and exactly 2 years later he surprised me with a proposal at Crystal Lake Bridge. Married at Trinity Pres. and partied at Lake Mirror Loggia (catered by @terracegrillelakeland). Moved away for 6 years but found our way back to live in Dixieland, three kids later, and Lakelanders for life. ––@leezamscheidt
  • Met @djsimmons at SEU. Our first kiss was in Hollis Gardens, we jumped the fence and got chased out by cops. A few of our first dates were eating ice cream by Lake Mirror at night under the lights. He asked me to be his girlfriend walking around Lake Morton on a Saturday. And he recently proposed by Lake Mirror. 🖤 ––@mae.danielle

And, a love story only a Lakelander can tell:

  • …I proposed to her with a country loaf from Born and Bread which had a ring pop baked inside with a treasure map, that led her to Circle B where I was wearing a suit I had from Nathan’s Men’s Store and we rode an exact replica of Blinky the Alligator to the RP Funding Center where Gary the Turkey walked our rings down the aisle so that the two of us could get married by a swan. ––@loloduca