The 23rd annual Lakeland Hispanic Festival

Photo vis Club Hispano de Lakeland

Consider your weekend plans made. The Club Hispano de Lakeland’s 23rd annual Hispanic Festival kicks off tomorrow. Happening at the Frances Langford Promenade at 12 p.m., the festival lasts all day long until 9 p.m. in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, which wrapped up last Friday.

Previous year’s festival | Photo via Club Hispano de Lakeland

If you’re planning to attend, here are a few important details you should know:

  • There is an entry fee of $5 for those 12 and older. All guests under 12 are free.
  • Guests can enjoy authentic cuisine, music, dancing, and other styles of intra-cultural celebration.
  • The event is organized by the Lakeland Hispanic Club, a local nonprofit, operated by volunteers.
  • Funds raised at the event will benefit Hispanic students within the community by funding scholarships. Additionally, funds will also be allocated towards those facing adversity.
  • Hispanic guests are encouraged to wear a flag or colors representative of their home country.
  • Other happenings include: parades, games, art, and crafts, to name a few.
  • While this is the 23rd event, it’s actually the 24th anniversary, after last year’s was canceled due to COVID-19.