What do you meme, there’s a hurricane?

Jim Cantore | Photo via mematic.net

We’ve made it to Friday, Lakeland. Dorian has yet to rear his ugly Category 4 head, and needless to say, we hope he spins us out of the cone of concern and says eye’ll go elsewhere. Hurri-can you just leave us alone, Dor?

With the weight of the unknown plaguing us all, we decided it was time to embrace the calm before the storm and let Dorian know how much he memes to us.

Please note: some of these are NSFW.

1. When alligators are the necessities.

2. Maybe it’s time to fully relocate?

3. Do we blame the out-of-town visitors?

4. As long as they don’t pull out an umbrella.

6. *Tries to find the secret button.*

7. Is it even a real party without a hurricane?

5. But why is the rum gone?

9. Hey, don’t blame us for seeing the glass half-full.

10. Because we don’t have basements to stockpile.

11. ‘Merica.

12. Well, we’re certain about one thing: Our hurricane snacks.

13. When we can pinpoint the reason for our trust issues.

14. We’re just #pros at being nomadic.

15. The one instance of an adorable hurricane.

16. Dorian, are you sure you want to? It’s a little $$$.

17. #FBF

18. The only hurricane model worth trusting.

19. Day 3: Trying to become “one” with the hurricane.

20. Send this to your friends the next time they complain about snow.

21. The ultimate battle.

22. Dorian, we ‘don’t want no scrubs‘.

23. Do it for the snacks.

24. “But will it really though?”

25. We’ll see it when we believe it.

26. *Surpresses the urge.*

27. And don’t forget the carrots for the rest of the crew.

28. Ngl, we feel a little called out.

29. #OnlyInFlorida.

30. See ya later, alligator.

31. When you’ve lived in Florida your whole life + have crossed all of ’em off the list.

32. Seems legit.

33. We’ll never forgive you, Rose.

34. When you feel “itchy” about the ‘cane.

35. When you can’t tell if it’s spaghetti or a hurricane?

36. When things get serious.

37. Fightin’ these stomach cramps like we’re fightin’ this hurricane.

38. #ProTip: Sweat out the water weight when the electricity turns off.

39. When our filters betray us.

40. Because does a hurricane party even count if you didn’t purchase a storm-themed Publix cake?

41. The only yoga that matters right now.

42. When things happen at the most inconvenient times.

43. But like soda has water in it, amirite?

44. But where is the lie?

– LALtoday team (Jessica + Kaylee)