Hitch a ride with Polk County’s newest ride share service

Screenshot of Hitch on the web

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A new ride-share service is making its way to Polk County today.

The biz, Hitch, was founded back in 2018 by Texans, Kush Singh + Tanuj Girish, as an alternative to Uber or Lyft due to its focus on carpooling longer distances via empty seats, rather than inter-city taxiing. Think: a safe, more accepted form of “hitchhiking,” all organized + tracked within an app.

And, after operating exclusively in Texas, Polk County residents can start utilizing the new service today, for easier access to cities like Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Miami, and West Palm Beach.

Polk residents will now have a more cost-effective way to get around the state, without having to drive themselves, all while enjoying the perks of surrounding cities. And, for ease, Hitch’s rides all operate on a schedule, giving users more flexibility to make a plan, and stick to it.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, right now on Uber, it costs around $60 to ride from Munn Park to Tampa International Airport, whereas with this new ‘carpooling’ method, a similar ride starts as low as $15-$20, depending on the level of service.

Still uncertain? Here are a few ways this could make your life easier:

  • Riders will have the option to receive discounted trips over 50 miles and under 350 miles — road trip to Miami, anyone?
  • Only 3 riders are permitted per trip, which you can book ahead of time to make sure you get home from your trip to West Palm in time for the dinner rush at LoveBird.
  • Prices will drop during peak hours, getting you back to the 863 in time for an SEU Fire game.
  • Riders and drivers must be fully vetted beforehand with confirmed identification for safety — swans included.
  • Drivers could earn up to $300 per week with longer commutes — did someone say more money for cocktails at Revival? Yes, please.