How to support Lakeland’s bars during COVID-19

How to support Lakeland’s bars during COVID-19 | Photo via Pexels

ICYMI, Florida suspended the drinking of alcohol at bars. 🍺 This order was issued by the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation after the state reported a record-breaking 8,900+ new cases of coronavirus on Friday.

While drinking alcohol at bars may currently be prohibited, we rounded up a few ways you can support our budding brew scene (and the owners + workers who bring us these cool hangs + refreshing mugs), that’ll have you saying “sip, sip, hooray.”  

📲 Remote tipping: While some bars may choose to close during this time, DYK you can help support out-of-work bartenders + service industry members in Lakeland by tipping virtually? Virtual tip jars randomly generate local individuals’ so diners can submit funds. Click here or here to get started.

🍲 Buy food: A pretty delicious suggestion, amirite? Not sure if a bar sells food? Give them a call + ask or check out their social media pages. Kaylee here + I’m a total sucker for the buffalo cauliflower bites at The Federal Bar

✉️ Give someone a gift card: Instead of getting carded, how about giving one? Buy a gift card in advance from your favorite local brewer or bar + share it with a friend. That’s what we call a win-win. 

🍻 Try it to-go: According to the order, bars can still sell alcohol in to-go containers

🍹 Try out a mocktail: No doubt, more restaurants, bars + breweries are getting hip to mocktails. So, whether you don’t drink at all or you just want to space out your cocktail consumption, try out some non-alcoholic options that go big. #ProTip: The Lakeland Loft will continue selling frozen drinks + cigars. 

👋 Check-in: Times are undeniably tough for many. In a safe way, check-in on the owners, bartenders + workers at the local bars, breweries + taprooms that make up our beautiful community + ask what you can do to support them during the bar suspension. 

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