Meet 4 impressive members of Catapult Lakeland

Catapult office views
Catapult office views | Photo provided

DYK? 140+ entrepreneurs are Catapult Lakeland members, and 26 businesses have been launched at Catapult. 

Catapult – Lakeland’s coworking community that offers entrepreneurs the space to build their companies, plus resources to support organizations as they grow – initially consisted of 4 offices, a shared coworking space and a small kitchen. To accommodate the needs of its growing membership, the new space opened its doors in March at 502 E. Main St. The 38,000-sqft. space features 22 offices, ranging from single person to 5-person office spaces, plus large coworking areas, the Kitchen Incubator space, and Maker Space. 

The Catapult Office Feature provides members and teams with fully-enclosed, lockable private spaces for a distraction-free work environment, while staying connected to the Catapult community. Office pricing starts at $325/month with all amenities included. 

Here are 4 impressive Catapult office members/teams who are making moves in Lakeland + beyond: 

Matt and Candace Gross, Founders of YelloWhistle

Matt and Candace Gross, Founders of YelloWhistle
The couple joined Catapult in 2018 | Photo via Catapult’s blog

What they do:
YelloWhistle is a digital advertising agency that specializes in Facebook + Instagram ads, video creation and sales funnels for ecommerce businesses. Combining their love for advertising and business with their desire to help companies grow and succeed in the marketplace, the couple works hard everyday to create original content for their clients. 

From producing promotional material at Viacom Media Networks, non-profit organizations and production companies, to creating award-winning marketing content at the university level, they believe advertising is about illuminating how products and services will improve people’s lives.

What they love about Catapult:
“Catapult has provided us with an environment of other like-minded entrepreneurs and a coworking space that is productive, creative and encouraging.”

David Young, Founder of Drone Launch Academy, LLC and Catapult Advisory Board Member

David Young
Young became a member in 2017 | Photo via Catapult’s blog

What he does:
“My company uses online courses to give people the knowledge and skills they need to fly drones for business.”

What he loves about Catapult:
“As a business owner where most of my workers and employees are remote, it’s great to have a place to come and be surrounded by other entrepreneurs who are also trying to grow their business. From a social perspective and a knowledge-sharing perspective, Catapult has been crucial to my business growth and personal fulfillment on a daily basis. I couldn’t imagine a better place to start and grow a business.”

“If you’re thinking about joining Catapult and are on the fence…just go ahead and make the jump. You won’t regret it! Get plugged in, meet people, and grow!”

Greystone Group: Genese Smith (Managing Partner) & Andy Theronier (Partner)

Andy Theronier
Andy Theronier is a partner at the Greystone Group | Photo via Catapult’s blog

What they do:
Greystone Group is a Business Analysis Firm that specializes in profitability and growth within a company. The partners have leveraged their network of commercial financers, investment banks, and Fortune 500 Brand managers to create a management consulting firm that can help companies in Lakeland achieve profitability and possibilities that are beyond their perceived limits. 

What they love about Catapult:
“We enjoy running our business from Catapult. The environment here promotes productivity and we have been able to find amazing partners to work with from Website Developers and Marketing Experts to Data Analyst and Business Process consultants. All companies that can help us provide a wide range of services for our clients.”

“It’s a very relaxing environment to work in while never feeling alone in your endeavors.” 

Gillian Smith, Founder of Carambola Consulting

Gillian Smith
Smith recently moved to Lakeland from Miami | Photo via Catapult’s blog

What she does:
“Carambola Consulting provides strategic marketing and communications services, blending the best practices of big for-profit brands and the efficiencies and ethics of non-profits to help both companies and nonprofits unlock their potential. I like to think of it as marketing that bears fruit, leveraging my more than 20 years of experience.”

What I love about Catapult (and Lakeland):
“I love the environment in Catapult and in Lakeland. It is a supportive community for entrepreneurs of all stripes. I plan on biking to the office (when the weather is cooler), and Lakeland is a nice, affordable place to live. I love to go running or biking around the lakes and see the wildlife… we have an incredible variety of birds here in Lakeland that rivals some of the best birding spots in the country. It is a great way for me to get out and clear my head.”

Interested in becoming a Catapult member? Learn more here.