7+ Crazy Florida Alligator Sightings

Gator + Snake at Circle B Bar Reserve | Photo by Linda Waring at BirdWalk Photography

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Let’s face it. Living in Central Florida means spotting an alligator in spring is just about as common as catching a love bug in your mouth. (Anyone else #AskingForAFriend?) 

With an estimated 1.3 million alligators in Florida, the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is warning folks to be aware of heightened alligator activity this time of year (due to nesting + mating) and the possibilities of encountering them

Over the past few weeks, you may have noticed an increase in alligator sightings storiesand may have even caught a few glimpses of the modern-day dinosaur, yourself.

From a huggable sweetie + to a Walmart prowler, we rounded up some of the snappiest stories this spring involving our favorite lizard-like leviathans for you to catch up on. ⤵️

  • Sweetie, the huggable gator  | “Sweetie” – a six-year-old, blind American Alligator – went viral via a video on Tik Tok when her owner carried her into a Key Lime Pie shop.
  • Just a quick Sunday stroll | A five-foot gator took a quick stroll through a Walmart parking lot…maybe to shop for hurricane supplies?
  • Spotting Snaggletooth | Check out this video of a millennial-aged gator, named Snaggletooth prowling through the Florida Everglades.
  • Howdy neighbor | POV: You’re about ready to get out of bed, head on a morning coffee run, and suddenly, you hear a loud banging noise on your door. Is it: A. Your significant other? B. A neighbor? Or C. Two alligators in a full out brawl? If you guessed C., you’d be correct. 
  • #BestSummerEver| One gator was preparing for his #BestSummerEver by taking a refreshing dive in a backyard pool.
  • One ‘doggone gator | A Florida Man fought a 13-ft. alligator in order to save his dog, Loki.
  • An all-you-can-eat buffet | A group of alligators swim through a horde of Catfish and take home leftovers.
  • Meet Buddy | According to the staff at Gatorland, this 13-ft. 8-in. alligator is “one of the most gentle gators” the staff has worked with.
  • Can I borrow a wrench? | One North Port resident found a seven-footer trying to catch a ride, by hanging out in his garage. C-ya later.