Resources for domestic violence survivors in Polk County

Resources for domestic violence survivors in Polk County // 📸: @lakelandsky

Today, we’re taking a break from LAL developments, brewery openings + best brunch spots, to talk about love. 💕

As we all know, love can be pretty tough, and it can be even tougher to understand it from an outside perspective – especially when abuse is suspected.

Think it could never happen to you or someone you care about? Think of four women you love deeply. See how smart, driven, and kind they are? One in four of them will be a victim of severe violence by an intimate partner. For men, 1 in 7

In Polk County, there are numerous organizations working to eradicate domestic violence locally. Here are some resources for survivors to keep in mind + for advocates to share. ⬇️ FYI, If you or anyone you know is in physical danger, don’t waste time; 911 is your only option.

Help for survivors

How you can help locally

  • Events: Follow domestic violence centers on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms to keep up-to-date with events going on throughout the community.
  • Donate: By donating monetarily or through clothing or item donations, you’re helping individuals in Polk, who may not be able to find assistance on their own. 
  • Volunteer: Red Tent Initiative, Peace River Center + so many other organizations offer options to volunteer – whether that’s at community events or helping with the hotline. (Note: There may be some training required.)
  • Advocate: Maybe one of the simplest ways to help be a part of the mission of ending domestic violence in Polk, is to advocate for victims and survivors. Use your voice to share about your own experience, listen to survivors, and educate those around you on the subject. 
  • Friends or Family: If you know someone who is being abused, your support is essential. Check out this toolkit from Domestic Shelters to learn about the various forms of abuse + how you can help those in need. 

*This article uses the term “victim” + “survivor” interchangeably, as each person who has experienced a form of domestic violence chooses a different term to describe their experience.  

– LALtoday team (Kaylee and Abby)