How would you describe Lakeland (without using the name)?

Photo via @jac_lens_photos

If you frequent Twitter, you may have noticed a trend that caught on last week asking users to tell accounts that they’re from an area without using the area’s name. If you haven’t seen the trend, it looks a little like this. ⬇️

Responses to the tweets typically mention landmarks or other qualities that are unique to the location (and may not be understood by those who aren’t from the area)

We wanted to get in on the fun too, so we asked our followers to tell us they’re from Lakeland without telling us they’re from Lakeland. And, the responses were so great – and true to LAL – that we had to share them with y’all.

Some responses understood Lakeland to its core.

“Going for a drive down Cleveland Heights Blvd, just for the views ✨🌴” – @onemorechild

“When you’re familiar with the term “gator-naught” 😝🧡🐊 “– @gfazioart

“I shop at a Publix where Johnny Depp was filmed in a classic 🤯 “– @daniellearnold

“Do you want to walk the Lake?” – Jane K.

Others poked a little fun.

“I’m oddly protective yet afraid of swans.” – @sara.savannah.jones

“Gary.” – @mollysmunroe

“You’re either from the Northside or Southside. There is no in-between. 😅 “ –

“My city is on a road diet.” – @ruthietait

“Whatever you do, don’t take S. Florida Ave. at 5 p.m.” – @nurseangeezie

“Can’t wait to set my chair out a week in advance for the Christmas parade. That spot isn’t going to save itself.” – Brian W.

Some mentioned Lakeland businesses we all love.

“Everyone I grew up with had at least one family member who worked for Publix.” – @erindacruz

“Imma get a slice of Palace Pizza.” – @fsc.mocs_memes

“The always punny Southside Cleaners sign.” – @restless_nicole

And others mentioned landmarks that only Lakelanders would know.

“It’s not a water tower, it’s a birthday cake.” – @jamie_ouelette

“When you know the giant globe outside a house in N. Lakeland is a remnant from a Food World.” – @anamaria614

“I wonder what color the South Gate sign is tonight…” – @sunnie313

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