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Why cyber insurance is essential for your small business

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A cyber insurance policy is an investment that could potentially save a small business | Photo via iStock

DYK about 60% of small to medium-sized businesses do not survive a cyber attack?

We live in a digital-focused world, which means businesses rely heavily on networks, data transfer + internet connectivity to run their operations successfully. In turn, cybercrime is also on the rise. Sensitive information like data, intellectual property, and personally identifiable information — both customer and employee — is particularly susceptible to attack.  

A cyber insurance policy with Heacock Insurance covers a business’s liability for a data breach involving critical areas of sensitive customer information, including credit card info, Social Security numbers, bank accounts + driver’s license numbers.

The trusted local pros at family-owned Heacock Insurance have been serving Central Florida for nearly 100 years. As an independent firm, Heacock works with the best insurance carriers available in the Florida market and can help you choose an insurance strategy that is designed to protect you + your business.

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