8+ local college courses we wish we would have taken

Florida Southern College | Photo by @glennbowman

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Hey Lakeland, LALtoday intern Emmie, here. 👋 As I roll into my last semester of college at SEU, I can confidently say that senioritis is a real thing and I’m ready for my cap + gown. However, no matter where you are in your academic journey, there are a ton of colleges in Polk County that offer a multitude of interesting classes – and these classes aren’t just for college-aged students

We’ve rounded up interesting classes like Criminal Investigations, Drawing and Composition + more to get the academic wheels in your head turning just in time to fall back into the school environment. So, grab a face mask, hand sanitizer, and of course, your thinking cap, and see how you can get involved in the college scene.

CEN 5728 – Advanced Human-Computer Interaction | Florida Polytechnic University | Register by: Aug. 25 | Classes start: Aug. 20 | With a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, a master’s degree in electrical engineering, and a Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering, Dr. Abdelwahab Hamam teaches this class that focuses on interface analysis + design that will have you on the genius fast track. | COVID-19: On-campus classes, socially distanced classrooms + online and in-person advising.

AVIP 1001 – Intro to Flight | Southeastern University | Register by: Aug. 28 | Classes start: Sept. 2 | With degrees in Communications, Public Relations, Ministry + a doctorate in Business Administration, the professor of this class, Dr. Childs, introduces topics like aerodynamics + flight controls as well as using flight simulators to help your aviation goals take off. | COVID-19: Hybrid class options, decreased classroom capacity + new cleaning protocols.

PEDU 1091 01 – Scuba Diving I | Southeastern University | Register by: Aug. 28 | Classes start: Sept. 2 | Taught by Professor Norman Alderman, Scuba Diving I will have you making waves at the on-campus aquatics center. Dive into learning things like how to operate a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (AKA, SCUBA, in case anyone was wondering where the name came from) + diving science and planning, while you find your own school of fish, or friends, as we like to call them. | COVID-19: Hybrid class options, decreased classroom capacity + new cleaning protocols.

ART 2751C – Ceramics: Wheel Throwing | Polk State College | Register by: Registration Deadlines Vary | Classes start: Aug 17 | This class is the perfect way to seize the clay and get your hands dirty in the best way possible. Dig into topics like glazing + aesthetics with this class that’s 50% lectures, 50% labs, and 100% fun. | COVID-19: On-campus and online classes, face coverings for everyone + online tutoring.

GEO 3320 001 – Human Geography  | Florida Southern College | Register by: Sept. 7 | Classes Start: Sept. 1 | Taught by Professor William Rasmussen, this class is one of only two geography classes offered at the school and not only includes critical information on culture but how to dig into human social issues and their academic-based approaches to the solutions. | COVID-19: Traditional on-campus classes, students provided with five masks + increased cleaning.

Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Nurse Administrative Leadership | Florida Southern College | Classes Start: Jan. 2021 | With this program, you’ll be able to obtain a certification without committing to a degree program. Give it your best shot by enrolling for this program with transferable classes you’ll need(le) if you decide to pursue the new sister degree of Nursing Administration Leadership MSN.

CRJ 400001 – Criminal Investigations | Warner University | Register by: Sept. 4 | Classes start: Aug. 24 | If you’re looking to break into the basics of essentially any police drama, this class, taught by Dr. Kimberly Bartasavage is a must. Locking down a bachelor’s degree, two master’s degrees, and a doctoral degree, Dr. Bartasavage will teach about case preparation, investigation theory + interviewing witnesses + suspects. | COVID-19: Hybrid class options, temperature screenings + early end of the semester.

ART 152 – Drawing and Composition | Webber International University | Register by: Aug. 28 | Classes start: Aug. 17 | This class is for the creatives that know that the world without art is just “eh.” Draw out your academic plan by registering for this class that teaches artistic strategies and visions from different cultural and gender perspectives. | COVID-19: In-person classes, social distancing + increased cleaning.

SCI 180 – Introduction to Oceanography | Webber International University | Register by: Aug. 28 | Classes start: Aug. 17 | Ever wonder what lies beneath the Earth’s surface? Seafloor spreading, ocean life, waves + tides to be pacific. This class, taught by Dr. Shieh dives into Florida’s coastal environment as well as participating in experiments + observations that are guaranteed to be a shell of a good time. | COVID-19: In-person classes, social distancing + increased cleaning.

Whether you’re a new student or a returning one, these fun classes show that there’s more to college than just Algebra and English Comp – but hey, those are important, too. Sign up for classes, order those textbooks + I’ll catch you in the (possibly virtual) classroom. 🤓