Introducing a new community mural in Lakeland


Introducing a new community mural in Lakeland | Photo by @catapultlkld

Calling all artists, local business owners, and engaged Lakeland citizenswhich should account for nearly everyone who opened up their LALtoday newsletter this a.m. 😉

Local artists Gillian Fazio, Aaron Corbitt, Aaron Adams, and Kent McAllister are collaborating to create a mural in Lakeland based around the concept of Black Lives Matter (BLM), with a focus on the vision of unity, end to systemic racism, love + standing together.

But the coolest part? They need your helpthe Lakeland community – to complete this project.

Quoteworthy: “We want to hear from the community what this wall should be because it will permanently represent us as a city and our support for BLM. This is an open conversation that we want to turn into a well-crafted work of art through professional artists’ skill set.” Gillian Fazio

Here’s what you can do:

  • If you’re an artist: Get involved by participating in the mural. This call is open to all artists – especially local black artists – to share their concepts + perspectives. Anyone looking to submit their art for consideration of being an inspiration for this wall can email Aaron Corbitt here. Any submissions chosen will receive recognition + credit. Additionally, if your submission is not chosen, there will be other opportunities to talk through ways of honoring voices.
  • If you’re a business owner: Contact Gillian Fazio here + let her know that you’re willing to donate your commercially visible wall for this unique community mural initiative.
  • If you’re an engaged Lakeland citizen: Donate to this mural project or to share more ideas on what you think the mural should look like, by emailing Gillian Fazio here. Financial contributions will be directed towards materials needed and any excess will go straight to a BLM philanthropy. Lakelanders can also share which local philanthropy the funds should go to as well.
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