Meet some of the Lakeland citizens who left a mark on Swan City’s government.
It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Check out what you can expect for the annual Lakeland Christmas Parade.
With his term coming to a close, Phillip Walker sat down with us to answer some of our burning questions.
Learn all about casting your vote in the upcoming elections, including voting locations and candidates.
From downed power lines to damaged trees and green spaces, here’s a brief rundown of what Lakeland, Florida looked like on the heels of Hurricane Ian.
A guide to the facilities and complexes available to the public of Lakeland.
A guide to essential resources including hurricane trackers, outage maps, and shelter information.
A by the numbers look at the $2.4 billion budget for the upcoming year.
Learn the winners of local + state offices, plus those moving on to runoffs in the General Election.
This list of volunteer opportunities in Lakeland includes everything from packing food for children in need to fostering pets.
Dive into the census data on four historic districts in Lakeland.
Learn about the historic places and faces that influenced the streets you drive every day here in Lakeland, FL.
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