Q+A with Tim Cox, former Publix exec + Catapult’s new Expert in Residence

Tim Cox meeting with entrepreneurs
Tim Cox meeting with entrepreneurs at Catapult | Photo provided

Accomplished Lakelander Tim Cox — formerly the Director of Creative Services at Publix for 40 years — is joining the team at Catapult Lakeland as Expert in Residence, where he’ll mentor startups and entrepreneurs at the creative coworking community.

To help you get to know him, we asked Tim about his professional experience, what he’ll bring to Catapult in his new role, and his advice to future entrepreneurs. Here’s our Q+A: 

Q: What unique experience do you bring to members at Catapult?

A: With 40+ years of working for Publix, I learned the value of being a “people first” company and leader. I believe this positions me to help build their brands, develop communication strategies + build and grow their teams.

Q: What was your favorite part about growing Publix’s in-house creative team?

A: That’s easy — the people. I take great pride in the team we assembled and enjoyed watching them develop. They’re a world-class talented team, and they have great character.

Q: What makes Catapult a great place for start-ups/new businesses in Lakeland?

A: It’s an incredibly inspiring environment that provides unique expert support to help a hard-working driven entrepreneur launch their business. The space is visually stimulating, and it’s filled with great networking opportunities.

Q: What projects or businesses are you excited to connect + work with?

A: I’m still in the process of meeting with startup founders, and I’m looking forward to connecting with each one of them. However, there are a few that I’ve met with that I’m especially excited about: Taylor Irby: East of These; Brittany Bandi: Sow Exotic; Rut Patel: Voyager Industries.

Tim Cox
Tim Cox, Catapult’s new Expert in Residence | Photo provided

Q: What’s your favorite Catapult membership perk?

A: Coffee! As much as I want. And not just any coffee, it’s the good stuff from Patriot and Concord.

Q: What’s one piece of advice you would give to up and coming entrepreneurs?

A: Build strong relationships. As many as you can. And never stop. Your circle of influence is determined by your relationships.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about Lakeland?

A: Our community and the people that make it. (See the trend? People, people, people.) I love Lakeland! 

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