Homeownership scaries: The answers to all the questions you’ve been too afraid to ask 🏡

Exterior of a home in South Florida
From plumbing to air conditioning, homeowners might encounter unexpected problems | Photo provided

Remember when we asked you to send us your confusing homeownership questions + concerns earlier this month? The local experts at Payne Air Conditioning sifted through and answered some of the top reader questions about indoor air quality, filters + why your A/C unit might be on the fritz. 

Here are your questions (shoutout to the readers who sent them in), with the answers from owner Frank Lansford + Service Manager Adam Ogg of Payne Air Conditioning:

Q: How often should I be replacing my air filters? 

A: There’s not a one size fits all answer since everyone’s home environment is different. You should check the filter monthly + then replace it when it’s dirty. You don’t want to throw away a clean filter, nor do you want to leave a dirty filter in the system for too long. 

Checking it periodically will allow you to learn what’s best for your home’s environment. A good reminder is to check your filter when you receive your monthly electric bill. We relate our electric bill to our air conditioning system because it’s responsible for approximately 40% of our electric consumption.

Q: Should my air conditioning unit be serviced annually even if it’s new? 

A: Absolutely! A/C systems are a big investment so maintaining it annually is a must. Preventative maintenance will ensure your system is working as efficiently as possible, identifying repairs before a breakdown happens. Plus, most equipment manufacturers require annual maintenance to keep their warranty in good standing.

Q: On nice days, I like to turn my air conditioning off and open the windows. Then, in the evening I close up and turn the air conditioning on again. My wife says that all of this turning on and off will shorten the life of my air conditioning. Is that true? 

A: Technically she is correct. Excessively turning the system on + off will shorten its life.  However, allowing fresh air in will improve your home’s indoor air quality. IAQ is a popular topic these days, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic. Fresh outside air, UV lights + higher grade filters are all good ways to improve your home’s IAQ.

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