Breaking down LALtoday Branded Content: Highlight


Hey, did you know you can buy this content? It’s called a Highlight. And it packs a big punch. 

Highlights are built to: 

  • Drive traffic to a pre-existing online source or URL of your choice (i.e. blog, product, podcast, news article, Instagram profile)
  • Keep things short + splashy with max. 75 words and a CTA to drive reader click-thru
  • Show off your brand in our own voice, tone + style, with approval (creative cost included)
  • Be shared socially via posts on our Instagram Story, Facebook + Twitter

Highlight branded content

Highlight examples

Typically, we would send readers straight to your URL of choice through the CTA button in our email newsletter. But instead, we’re taking you to our website to show you a few examples of real-life Highlights.

Hospitality + Tourism:


Events + Entertainment: 

Real Estate: 






Note: Highlights are not published on our brand’s website; this webpage is to show you examples of Highlights we’ve done for real-life clients.

Interested in purchasing a Highlight? Or want more info about advertising with LALtoday or our other 6AM City markets? Hit us up via email: [email protected].