Adoptable pets in Lakeland 🐶

Image via Pexels

If being in isolation the past few months has given you serious fur-baby fever at some point, this one’s for you. We’ve decided to shed some light on local animals looking for their fur-ever homes.  

Why adopt a four-legged companion? 

Every year, over one million cats and dogs are euthanized across the country because adoption centers become overcrowded. Those who adopt can save more than one animal’s life by freeing up shelter space for stray, abused + lost animals. 

We’ve done some digging to highlight some of the lovable critters (cats and dogs) that need homes in + around Lakeland. 


Torque | Photo from Humane Society Of Polk County

Age: ~3 years

Male Boxer Mix

○ Torque would benefit from an active family + having another dog in the house.


Destin | Photo from Humane Society Of Polk County

Age: ~9 months

Female orange + black domestic/shorthair mix

○ Destin is a playful cat + loves to play with toys.


Kai | Photo via SPCA Florida

Age: 4 years, 2 months

Male Terrier/PitBull mix

○ Kai is a chill dog that loves attention, car rides, and being pet.


Triscuit | Photo via SPCA Florida

Age: 1 year

Female brown domestic shorthair/mix

○ Triscuit likes to snuggle + have poetry read to her.


Trixie | Photo via SPCA Florida

Age: 6 years

Female Chinese Shar-Pei/ French Bulldog mix

○ Trixie is affectionate, gentle, and gets along with children + other dogs. 


Pixel | Photo via SPCA Florida

Age: ~3 months

Female Bulldog mix

○ Pixel is a very sweet + playful pup that loves cuddle time.


Banana | Photo via SPCA Florida

Age: 5 months

Female brown/tan domestic shorthair/mix 

○ Banana is an excellent snuggle buddy. 


Chipper | Photo via SPCA Florida

Age: 3 years

Male Jack Russell/Dachshund

○ Chipper is a sweet + small pup, ready to bring love to a furever family.


Binx | Photo via SPCA Florida

Age: 4 months

Male white/grey domestic shorthair/mix

○ Binx is a shy cat, looking for my furever family

Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo | Photo via SPCA Florida

Age: 3 years, 7 months

Male Black-mouth Cur Mix

○ Scooby Doo is a medium energy dog. He isn’t a big fan of loud noises but seems interested in other dogs.