A $6 million dollar investment for Lakeland Linder International Airport

Photo via @iflytryp

A lot is comin’ to our city these days including a $6+ million dollar investment at Lakeland Linder International Airport. This new investment will lead to a 30-year lease between Lakeland Linder and Marathon FBO Partners

Marathon FBO Partners is a newer portion controlled by SAR Trilogy Management LLC that, according to the Tampa Bay Business Journal, will “provide aeronautical services that include fueling, tie-down and parking of aircraft, aircraft rental, and aircraft maintenance services.

The lease was approved last week by the City Commission unanimously. To better break down and understand what this means for our airport, here are a few quick facts:

  • Along with the new investment, this will be the second FBOor Fixed-Base Operator – which will include new hangers for maintenance (10,000 sq.ft.), new hangers for storage (15,000 sq. ft.), a fuel farm (5,000 sq. ft.), and a 120,000 sq. ft. ramp.
  • This project will not only add another source of funding to the airport but will provide new jobs for the airport’s surrounding areas – jobs will range from line employees all the way up to management.
  • The updates to the airport will create a new campus which will be named Aero Center Lakeland and Marathon has 24 months to complete the project, per the leasing agreement.
  • Along with the new campus, there will also be a new road constructed by Marathon, which will eventually become the airport’s new entrance.
  • DYK: The rent for the new campus’ first year is $89,777?