22 reader questions for 2022 in Lakeland, FL

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2022 is just around the corner. | Photo by LALtoday team

Happy New Year, Lakeland. 🎉

2022 is (almost) here, and with it will come a whole new year of reasons to have Swan City pride. Who knows what new restaurant might open, what skyline changes we might see + what Lakeland love poems Orange Blossom Poems might write? We know one thing for sure — we want to write about what matters to you, our readers, the most.


Downtown Lakeland | Photo via @twanthegreatest

That’s why we’re polling the crowd for questions you want answered in 2022 — any piece of Lakeland life you’ve always wanted to read into with your morning cup of coffee in hand. Want to know where to get the best breakfast bagel? The oldest businesses in Polk? Which concerts are coming into town? A local Lakeland legend?

Dream big, and tell us what’s in your heart of hearts, because the questions you asked us last year were some of our favorite topics to cover — like what restaurants Lakeland needs + your hopes for Munn Park.

Submit your question here to influence the stories you’ll read next yearit’s our New Year’s resolution to answer 22 of these. Stay tuned in 2022 as we bring you the LAL answers you want most + watch the rest of the year unfold. ✨